Candidates for Denver School Board District 4

There are three candidates for the Denver School Board District 4: Incumbent Rachele Espiritu,  Jennifer Bacon, and Tay Anderson. 


Espiritu is benefiting from a large amount of dark money from the pro-chart group Raising Colorado. As with other pro-charter candidates, a decent percentage (25% in this case) of the individual contributions come from out of state, with a high average contribution amount of $289. The small amount of dark money from Families First Colorado is interesting because it represents the first organized support from a group that identifies as  politically "conservative". The fact that a group of self described conservatives is spending money to elect Espiritu lends credence to the notion that pro-charter groups have more in common with Republicans than they would like to admit in the Democrat-heavy Denver districts.


Bacon has received the teacher's union endorsements and, unlike some other candidates, has received money dark money from them to go with it. The dark money group Brighter Futures for Denver is funded by local teacher's unions. Bacon has benefited from more dark money than any other school board candidate so far this year. It is also worth noting that a whopping 40% of the individual contributions to Bacon came from outside of Colorado. The average individual contribution is a reasonable $142.


Anderson's platform puts him squarely on the teacher's union side. However, it seems clear that they chose to support Bacon in this race with endorsements and dark money. Anderson's campaign is funded by small donations (averaging $65) from people in Colorado.




As we've seen all around the city, we have pro-charter and teacher's union-backed candidates battling it out in district 4.